Monday, January 27, 2014

So excited -- tonight Kenny is performing live on AXS tv's "World's Greatest Tribute Bands" with The Long Run. We are hitting the road in a few minutes, and I have no idea if I'll be dressing in our car, or get a chance to horn in on the dressing room while the guys are sound checking -- obviously hoping for the second option, lol.
I made a top to wear tonight, of deep navy blue heavy weight silk charmeuse. It looks better on the hanger I think, :-/ but oh well, it's what I'm wearing, because the color looks fantastic with the crearm and silver GbyGuess pants I'm wearing -- super cool skinny jeans with a tapestry style metallic silver print. Can't see it in the pic very well, but don't have time to adjust the pic now. Also wearing a great crystal necklace and my Aldo sandals that I got for a steal in Vegas --$10!!! After tax, lol. Love it when I find a great deal like that.

If you get AXS tv, be sure to tune in at 8pm PST and watch the show!! As always, comments welcome!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

IMATS Sigma and NYX

One booth I hadn't planned specifically on visiting was Sigma -- and it had a crazy long line, so I'm still not sure why I decided to get in the line, other than it's one of those companies that doesn't sell locally (in fact, they pretty much just sell online -- there are a few retail stores that carry them, but they are few and far between). 

I really don't like ordering a product I've never tried before online.  I mean really, who wants to pay shipping for something that you have no idea whether you will be happy with it in a general sense?  If it's a company you have other products from that you love, then that's a bit different -- but a company that you've never, ever even laid eyes on an actual product?  I'm not so inclined to spend that extra money.  For kicks I checked shipping on a $9 eyeliner -- the cheapest option was $6.35 -- that's coming close to doubling the price of that eyeliner, which means I hit the back button and don't buy online.  And if I'm trying a company for the first time, I don't order oodles of stuff so no free shipping for spending over a certain amount.  This is not to say that I have any reason to doubt the quality of Sigma -- I've heard consistently good things about the line, so I actually did want to try it.  I think that is why I got in that crazy long line.  It went along the wall from one end of the booth all they way down past about 4, maybe 5 more booths, then out into the lobby and down towards the door leading outside (this is where we got in line) and then right after we got in line, it went outside and started snaking along out there.  Never looked to see how bad it got. 

A very cool thing Sigma did was have big shopping bags you could grab, and inside was a free travel size E25 blending brush, a sample card with 10 eyeshadows, and a sample card with 2 quad brow samples.  Nice!  Actually the only freebie I got at IMATS.  There was also a brochure detailing all the products that were available in the booth, with regular and show pricing.  So while waiting in line, chatting with other attendees, we got to do a little "shopping".  I did have my daughter stay in line, while I went up to the back side of the booth where they had actual product laid out for swatching.  Also while waiting in line, as we got closer to the actual booth, we could see TiffanyD taking pics with fans in a little meet and greet they had set up. She looked fantastic, and just seemed super nice and friendly.

I ended up selecting two cream shadow bases (not primers -- you use them over primer and they help your shadow pop more, as well as last a bit longer, at least they do on my eyes) and a blush.  I got Persuade (a nude) and Pose (bronzy brown color) in the shadow bases, and Serene in the blush, which is a brick color with pink tones.  I was not able to get really accurate shots of the colors, even with post-editing tweaks.  The Pose color is the closest to looking like the actual product, which is just a bit more shimmery in hand.  I have used everything at least twice this week, and I'm really pleased with the cream bases.  I don't have oily lids, so my experience will be more relevant to those that have similar skin type.  The base gave better stick to my eyeshadows, and also the shadow looked great all day.  I had no creasing whatsoever.  I used the same shadow yesterday without the base, and it actually didn't last as long, so definitely happy with the base. 

Persuade -- less pink, leans more pale brown in hand. 


Persuade is completely nude on my skin, and creates a nice canvas on my lids, completely covering any red or blue tones in my skin.  Pose could actually be worn alone in a pinch, a very flattering color on me.  Application is smooth, and the product is very light weight.  I've had problems with other bases I've tried (especially NYX) looking cakey or unflattering due to my aging skin.  The Sigma bases work beautifully without any unattractive effect  - better even than the one MAC Paint Pot I have (Vintage Selection -- gorgeous color).  A word on packaging.  Hmmmm.  It looks really cool -- sort of futuristic and artsy.  But for a person who travels, and wants to fit a fair amount of stuff in a small bag, I hate the extra large size of the jar.  The actual amount of product is quite small for the size of the container.  This is not a complaint on how much product there is -- it's a standard amount comparable to other brands, the large container is just a waste of my limited space, both in my makeup drawer and in my suitcase.  I do like the little extra interior cap to help keep it from drying out.  We will see if it works.

 Serene: more brown-tones in person

The blush is nice.  It's a bit more orangy-brown than I thought at the show -- but it looks good on me, and a little bit goes a long way.  Blends well and is a matte product.  I'm not one to go on and on about blush -- it's an after thought product for me.  Maybe someday I will find the blush that sparks a vivid response.

I have not tried any of the free sample products other than the E25 brush, which I love.  Makes me wish I had grabbed an extra bag, but I was good and only took my fair share so that others had a chance to get one as well.  It was very tempting though, lol.

I didn't get much at NYX, mostly because it's not a favored brand for me.  I like some of their products, like the Jumbo eyeshadow pencils, so I grabbed two of those  - one in gold and one in black for a look I want to try.  I also grabbed a sharpener, since I don't have one for the jumbo pencils.  They actually had a very large booth, with loads of product displayed.  I would have spent more time looking, since it was a lot of product that would certainly not be available to me at home, but I was really sticking to my list, and in order to not go over budget, it was better to just not look. 

Have you ever tried Sigma?  I would love to hear your thoughts on what you do and do not like in the line.  How about NYX?  What's your go to NYX product??

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

IMATS Brush Haul featuring Bdellium

One of my main goals at IMATS was trying out Bdellium Tools line of brushes.  They have a wide selection of travel size brushes, which I particularly am interested in both because I travel, and because I am horribly near-sighted.  In case you don't know this, near-sighted people have to get really, really close to the mirror when applying eye makeup and then the brush handles hit the mirror, or are just plain too long to use that close.  When I was younger, it didn't matter too much because I just put on my contacts and viola, problem solved.  These days, my eyes are getting more and more messed up -- now I can only see up close without my contacts unless I wear reading glasses.  It sucks. So applying eye makeup presents somewhat of a challenge.

Enter Bdellium travel size brushes.  Now, where I live, there is not a lot to choose from in terms of good brushes that don't cost and arm and two legs.  I've found a few that I really love, like a Sonia Kashuk No. 04 foundation brush at Target.  Love that brush.  But in terms of specialized eye brushes, not a lot to choose from unless I want to go to the MAC counter at Macy's and spend an obscene amount of money.  Not only do I not want to do that, I can't do that.  I've been doing a lot of research, and pretty much across the board everyone has raved about this brand -- it's affordable, eco-friendly, and very good quality.

The booth wasn't crowded, and I was easily able to get someone to help me.  Unfortunately, they didn't bring the Studio line travel set that I wanted.  Apparently it doesn't sell well at IMATS, so they stopped bringing it.  Bummer.  They did bring a small eye set of the Green Bamboo line plus a full range in the travel length handle, so I chose from that range, with a couple Studio line brushes that aren't produced in the Green Bamboo travel line. I believe the difference between the Studio and Bamboo lines are that the Bamboo lines use all synthetic fibers, whereas the Studio line uses a combination of natural and synthetic.

I've used a few of the brushes so far, and been really pleased.  I actually received a free travel E25 from Sigma, which I think I like better than the Bdellium blending brush, 776.  Not really sure why, but that's my early impression.  From the 5 piece kit, I really like the 777 shadow brush for packing on color, and the 781 Crease brush.  Both are the perfect size for my lids.  I haven't used the 769 angled contour yet, but it looks interesting, and when I had my makeup done at Ulta the MUA used one like it.  The 716 smokey eyeliner is gorgeous, lol.  It is the perfect size and shape with a full base and nice, narrow pointed tip.  The final brush in the set is a 760 liner/brow brush which is tiny.  Seriously, very small brush.  I'm not sure that I like it more than the traditional angled liner brush or not.  It works fine, but it's not making my fingers gravitate to it yet.

One of my individual brushes, the 780 Pencil brush is THE pencil brush I have been looking for --super soft, small but not too small, with just the right size tip.  Love it. I also adore the 714 flat eye definer.  It's like an angled liner, except it goes straight across. It does a wonderful job applying shadow to the lash line -- helps fill in the little gaps between eyelashes and deepen the eyeliner.  It also is great to smudge eyeliner pencil so that you have a softer line. Finally, I have a 768 round dome and a 755 smudge.  Both work well, but haven't used a lot yet.

I didn't get many face brushes, but like the ones I did get.  A 949 pointed foundation brush -- don't love for all over application, but really nice for some of the smaller angles of the face and under the eyes.  The 942 contour brush is one of my favorites from all the brushes I got.  I didn't have a good blush/contour brush, and this one is perfection.  It is a great size for me, plus the bristles are soft as in, can I just sit and stroke this brush??  It applies blush beautifully, which is exactly what I wanted.  The final brush from Bdellium is a 959 powder finishing brush.  Kaylie got one too, and she adores hers.  I'm a big fan of mine as well.  I've been using it for powder application and buffing.  It is super soft and dense, does a beautiful job and is the right size for me.  Can you tell that size is an issue?  Not in the double entendre sense, lol.  Just that I like a medium sized brush for a lot of brush types, and my choices fit the bill across the board.  Very happy.

I picked up 3 Morphe brushes just for kicks.  They were a less than the Bdellium, running $3 each for the pink handled ones, and $4 for the black handled blender M412.  The pink ones have no number or designation, but both are dome/pencil style brushes.  One of the pink handles is too long to fit in my roll, so it will stay at home for handy use on my counter.  I haven't tried them yet, but they feel good just running across my lid, and the brushes seem to be well made, especially for the price.  I will be doing an update addendum at some point, after I've used and washed all the brushes more.  Definitely want to see how they hold up, and which ones I end up going for again and again.

My kitty Milo thinks my new brushes are pretty cool, too. 

Please feel free to comment, and tell me about your favorite brushes, or what you think of Bdellium if you've tried them!

My Day At IMATS LA 2014

Wow -- what an awesome day at my first IMATS!! I was pretty bummed that my girlfriend was not able to go at the last minute, but she graciously gave her ticket to one of my daughters. Kaylie and I got up at 5 am to get on the road early and get in line. When we arrived at 7, there was already a very long line, but believe me, not as long as later in the morning!! Here is a pic of the beautiful sunrise on our way into Pasadena, and the entry to the convention when we got there.

Once inside, we went straight to the Inglot booth, and I filled out the form for the eyeshadows I wanted, as well as a lipstick I saw that I thought would be a great color for me. I selected two 5 pan palettes, as well as a  palette duo (for my "white" and "black" shadows) and a selection of additional pans to use in the palettes when I go out of town. I want the option of a small palette that I can customize for my wardrobe on any given trip, a primary reason for investing in Inglot. Great quality, fantastic pricing and a huge selection. Can't beat that! The staff at the booth was also really friendly, and moving fast to help everyone.

 Bdellium Tools was next, but unfortunately they didn't bring the Pro Series travel set that I wanted. They did have a small travel set in the Green Bamboo line, as well as the individual Green Bamboo travel brushes, so I selected a few to make my own set. Very excited to try them! The staff here was also extremely helpful and friendly.

Velour Lashes got squeezed in as well -- sort of blitz visit, as I already pretty much knew exactly what I was going to get. After this point, things are a bit of blur. There is so much to take in, and lots of people vying to look at product. We tried to go to the Naime booth, but the line was huge, and there wasn't anything particular there I was interested in. Also checked out the Makeup Geek booth -- sort of. That is to say I saw the very long line and opted not to get in it, as I only wanted to try one or two things. I'd rather mail order if I really need it, as it was only discounted a $1 or so per product. Which is still great if you're getting a bunch, but I had opted for Inglot this trip. Scattered thru out the exhibit hall are demos of theatrical/movie makeup, so took several pics of things we liked.




Eventually we decided to brave the Sigma line, which was quite long -- the longest booth line we did the whole day. I wasn't really even looking for any Sigma products, but since I've never tried them, can't buy them locally, and was curious, we did it. I ended up trying one of their blushes and cream base shadows. Also got to meet and get a picture with TiffanyD -- every bit as beautiful and sweet in person as she is on Youtube!

 We took a breather at the open forum "classes". It was heavenly to sit down. My feet were killing me by this point, and I was starving since I had yet to eat anything. The class in session was not a style that I had any interest or need for -- he was paining half her face white, and then putting odd bits of color here and there. I'm sure for those that are into movie makeup it was riveting, but it didn't help my skill set at all. We left after a bit, and when to Nigels Beauty Emporium where I snagged a Z-Palette after waiting in line a while. Price was right, so no complaints. After that, we just wandered a bit, and Kaylie got her makeup done at one of the beauty school booths. It was a strange color combo, so neither of us really liked it -- which was kind of a bummer because she was really excited to get it done. On our way out, I picked up a couple of Morphe brushes just to try out -- I chose ones that were $3 a pop, so worth giving the line a spin since I liked the texture and quality for the price point. I will do a "haul" post in a day or two with more specific info on what I chose, and the discounts, etc.

Before (done outside the venue while waiting to get in)

And after -- really not a great look for her. I think she did a better job herself, but, it was fun, and a great way to end our first trip to IMATS

It was a great day, and we are both looking forward to attending again next year.  We talked about getting a room next year, maybe with some friends, so that we can relax a bit more, and make it more of a weekend get-away.  Next up will be some Haul posts.  I'm going to separate them out by brand with a mini review for each, since I've been testing out most of the products already. Kenny is off to Arizona today for a series of shows, and when he returns next week, he will be doing a live broadcast on AXS TV's "The World's Greatest Tribute Bands" with The Long Run.  We are all excited about that, and this week I will be planning what to wear, maybe making myself a new top.  The show will be done on my birthday, and I have several friends coming out to the Whiskey where it is being filmed -- should be a fun night!!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

IMATS Los Angeles 2014

Woo Hoo, so excited that I will be attending this years IMATS (International Makeup Artist Trade Show) in Los Angeles for the very first time with my good friend Christina, aka Shuga-Shug.  For those that don't know, IMATS is a huge show where cosmetic companies and related vendors showcase their wares, and many sell their product at a really nice discount.

Some of this years big names are: MacPro, Make Up For Ever, Sigma, Stila,  NYX, Inglot, OCC, and a few up and comers as well, like Makeup Geek and Bdellium Tools.  There are many more, but it would be boring to just write a blog that is a long list.  My two go to booths are Inglot and Bdellium Tools, as I have been hearing phenomenal things about both companies.  I'm not able to try either brand locally, so am going to check them out, and possibly take advantage of show discounts. 

I'm also hoping to snag a pair of Velour lashes, another product I have been reading rave reviews on.  This line of luxury faux lashes is made from mink hair (cruelty free -- the company says the animals are combed) and although pricy, have a much longer use time than the inexpensive synthetic kind.  They are rated for up to 25 uses, so we will see. 

I hear the lines are insane, but having conquered the Hall H line at Comic-Con on a Saturday, I feel confident that the MUFE line won't even phase me.  Although, given the nature of a horde of women at a discount counter, I think the pushing and shoving might be a bit more intense -- the Hall H-ers are a pretty courteous bunch.  Regardless, I shall brave the fray and report back!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Birthday Mascara MUFE vs. CK

As previously posted, I received two mascaras as birthday gifts; one from Sephora and one from Ulta.  (And today I got an email from Smashbox -- guess what their birthday gift is this year?  Yup, mascara, lol.)

The Sephora gift includes two mini products: Make Up For Ever's Rouge Artist Natural N9 lipstick and Smoky Extravagant mascara.  Ulta is giving a full size CK One mascara in Black (800).  I will review the lipstick later, since I'm planning on wearing it on Saturday night.

When it comes to mascara, I have a couple things I do and don't like.  I hate excessive clumping, which seems to happen, at least on my lashes, with Benefit's BADgal Lash.  I also don't like mascaras that make your lashes look like spider legs.  I see that every now and then, some girl walking around with clumped, long lashes that look like a couple of spiders waving their legs.  I seriously don't get it.  I assume they are wearing product touted as super lengthening.  I've always been afraid to ask, for fear of letting slip how awful I think it looks. 

I do like mascara that applies smoothly, creates a full look without clumping, and generally makes my lashes look great for my face.  Oh, and I don't ever curl my lashes.  I tried it a few times when I was young, and always felt it was somewhat torturous.  I still think it can't possibly be the healthiest thing for your lashes, so I just skip it.  I do wear false lashes on occasion.  Mostly for night events when I want some extra pop.  I actually love them -- be daring and try them some time!

On to the review.  I applied the CK One mascara to my left upper eyelashes, and MUFE Smoky Extravagant to the right.  Both clumped a bit, but I used a spoolie to separate the lashes with no problem.  I noticed immediately that the MUFE one created a fuller, longer lash effect, and even made the lashes look a bit curled.  The CK One looked fine, but definitely not the oomph of the MUFE brand.  The applicators are quite different.  The CK One has a uniformly sized rubber applicator brush, and the MUFE has a tear dropped shaped brush with the narrow point at the tip.  I found MUFE applicator to be better at covering those hard to reach lashes at the outside corner of my eye. A second coat brought little change to the MUFE side, but did enhance the CK One side to a look fairly similar to the other side.

 MUFE on your left, CK One on your right (2 coats)

I showed Kenny and one of my daughters, and they both agreed that the right side looked better after two coats than the left side, so it's a clear victory for MUFE. It's also interesting to note that my eyelid on the right side droops more, so it's harder to make that side look good.  On a completely useless note, I do really like the CK One tube.  It has a cool, rubberized texture and rounded edges that are appealing. Unfortunately, that has no impact on the product functionality, lol.

Both products wore well, and I didn't have any trouble with flaking or smearing. I think I will reserve the MUFE mascara for shows and evenings out, and use the CK One for day use.  My current favorite mascara is Full Exposure by Smashbox, but it's not so much because it's amazing, and more because it applies well, doesn't clump or make my lashes feel gumped up.

**Disclaimer: I purchased, or received all review products as a gift with purchase or membership perk.  No products were sent to me by the manufacturer for review.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Little Show History

Since I don't plan on this being a makeup only blog, here is a little bit of show history that inspired me to rediscover my grown up self.

A couple years back, Kenny created his own show based on the music of the band Chicago, since this is music dear to his heart, as well as a band with which he has a long history.  I love supporting his dreams, and truly believe he is meant to be a performer, so I'm pretty dedicated to attending as many shows as I can.  It's been an interesting transition for me, the stay-at-home mom, volunteer at school, Girl Scout co-leader.  I certainly feel a certain pressure to look good, which is challenging on a small budget, with quite a few years since I've paid much attention to which shade of eyeshadow I was wearing.  Man, where did all those wrinkles come from?  And why are my eyelids so much lower??!!

 Back to the show history, so to speak.  Kenny has been playing in a lot of different venues.  Casinos, clubs, and performing arts centers.  One of my "jobs" before a show is to hang around and wait, lol.  The show work starts long before the actual show.  Often there is a long drive, but always there is equipment set up, sound check, and if possible a pre-concert meal of some sort.  There have been many times when I have done my makeup in the car, which I don't recommend!  Depends on the venue.  If it's semi-local (that is to say 1-2 hours from where we live) then I'm most likely getting ready on the fly somewhere.  I don't like to intrude on the dressing room, because that's for the guys.  Every once in a while there is a separate dressing room for Kenny, which I love 'cuz then I can horn in on it, lol.  If it's an out of town gig, then we have a hotel room and I can really go crazy getting all dolled up.  It's a form of entertainment for me -- keeps me busy while Kenny is sound checking, and it's kind of relaxing.

 At Casino Arizona, March 2013

Last January, Kenny also started performing with The Long Run, doing the Don Henley vocals for this Eagles tribute band.  Now I am a huge fan of the Eagles music, so I was pretty happy about this, not to mention that like Kenny's own band, this is a great group of guys.  Between all of the Chicago Experience shows, and The Long Run shows, there are a lot of opportunities for me to dress up.  To add some frosting flowers to the cake, several of the guys perform in other bands, and we take the odd chance to go see them as well.  It's really a whole new life for me.

At the Talking Stick, AZ in June 2013

Lucky me, my birthday is in January, so I get to start the new year with a number of freebies from Ulta and Sephora.  I had actually saved my Ulta points to use with the $10 off coupon I got for my birthday, so that gave me a little bit extra to work with on my "shopping" trip.  I have been pondering for a few weeks what I would get, since I knew it wouldn't be eyeshadows (just got the Naked 3 palette last month, as well as the re-release of Lorac's Sweet Temptations).  I also knew I would be going to IMATS soon, so didn't want to get anything that is on my IMATS list, since I want to take advantage of all the discounts available at the show.  I'm a budget girl, so I'm always trying to maximize all my purchases. 

In the days leading up to New Years Eve, I lounged about watching Youtube videos looking for inspiration for a NYE look.  I was loving Dustin Hunter (mostly because I find him adorable, and fun to watch), GossMakeupArtist (really great reviews, techniques and also pretty adorable) and Miss Maven.  Through all this video watching, it dawned on me that I don't have a product for highlighting/illuminating.  I used a bit of eyeshadow as a highlight for my look on NYE, and noticed in a few of the pics with flash that the under eye area was looking a little ghosty from the eyeshadow.  Obviously, I needed a better option, and one that would work with my mature skin.

Time for research.  Knowing I had my free Ulta shopping trip coming up, I reviewed the highlighting products they carry.  Several, like Benefit's High Beam, Watts Up, Girl Meets Pearl and Sun Beam had already crossed my radar, but didn't elicit a purchase.  Not sure why -- I wasn't as interested in a liquid product, so that knocked out the two Beam options, Watts Up was a little too gold tone, and Girl Meets Pearl was a contender.  Then I saw the IT Cosmetics product, "Hello Light".  Very is marketed to the mature customer with its anti-aging claims and reviews seemed to indicate that it would work very well for me.  Price was in my range, and it is offered as either a cream or powder compact.  (Apparently it is now also offered as a cream stick, but my Ulta didn't have that in stock.)  I opted for the cream version because it is just slightly more pink tone that the powder.

I also discovered that Ulta is giving a free deluxe sample of IT's Bye Bye Pores HD micro-powder if you spend at least $25.  The Hello Light was $24 -- don't you just hate that?!!  I don't use powder very often, so I'm not interested in paying big bucks for a full size, but love travel size versions that I have a snowballs chance in hell of finishing.  So back to the research, to see if there was anything reasonable in the IT product line that I was also interested in.  I found a cool looking lip balm, something I do use since I live in the desert.  It is a clear blue designed to hydrate lips, some anti-aging ingredients thrown in to tempt us, and a reasonable price so not too much out of pocket for me.  The blue color goes on clear, but is supposed to make your teeth look a bit lighter. 

I also snagged a free CK One mascara as one of my birthday gifts from Ulta.  I never buy mascara.  It seems to be the free gift/sample of choice more often than not, so I have loads of it floating around.  That being said, I'm never opposed to being handed an $18 mascara for free. I need to do a comparison of the ones I have --some I love, some I don't.

On to Sephora, which was a little bit faster since I was just picking up their birthday gift....and the nice sales associate also gave me some samples I was interested in, primarily the Cover FX Natural FX Liquid Foundation and a couple of First Aid Beauty products.  Unfortunately, my Sephora doesn't carry very much in that line, probably because it's a pretty tiny Sephora tucked inside JCP.  Anyhow, I got my birthday gift that is sponsored by MUFE and includes two minis -- a lipstick and a mascara (surprise!!)

That's it for my haul!  I will be doing separate posts with mini reviews on the various things I picked up.  Kenny and I will be taking one of my daughters and her boyfriend to a Zepagain/Queen Nation concert at the House of Blues on Saturday, so I will try out a few of these new goodies then, and report back.

This may be Deja-Vu for you, if you read my content under the first blog name I chose: A Fashionable Music Wife.  It turns out, I hated that name.  It was a choice of desperation, because everything I came up with was already taken.   But after a couple of days, I just had to find something else, so Ready For The Show is born.

I've thought a long time about whether or not to do a blog. Will I be good at posting regularly? Will anyone be interested in what I have to say? What will I say? Lots of what ifs, but also lots of enthusiasm for reaching out to others and sharing a little bit of my world.

I'll start by telling you a little bit about me, and what kind of blog I plan on having. My name is Elisa, and I am a stay at home mom, who just finished getting an AA degree in Clothing and Textiles. I have three amazing daughters, all in their teen years. And I have a gorgeous and wonderfully talented husband who is a singer and musician.

My husband, Kenny Cetera, is headlining a show called "Kenny Cetera's Chicago Experience", performing primarily on the West Coast to date, but with an ever expanding range of venues both nationally and internationally. Kenny is the youngest brother of famed Chicago vocalist, Peter Cetera, and has himself recorded and performed live with the band Chicago for their "Chicago 17" album and tour. He also loves performing with "The Long Run: Experience the Eagles" as their Don Henley vocalist.

So this blog will delve into what it is like to be the wife of a musician, but more from a fashion and beauty on a budget stand point. Basically, for many years while my kids were little, I barely touched makeup and lived in jeans and t-shirt. A couple of years ago, when Kenny put this show together, I started tagging along to a lot of his shows, which required a bit more dressing up and attention to my makeup. I quickly realized I was quite out of touch with current makeup brands, products and techniques. Thank heavens for the internet and all of the amazing MUA bloggers and Youtube gurus. Now, you will not be seeing techniques here, unless it's just me sharing a video or post that I've come across that I thought was particularly good, because I am in no way, shape, or form a skilled MUA. Really, I'm a typical mom with aging skin, and vision, struggling to look my best and having fun doing it. And maybe I can help encourage others like me to enjoy being an individual again, after the kids grow up and start doing their own thing.

Sometimes I will post reviews of products, sometimes fashion pieces I'm pulling together to wear to shows, or just some fun behind the scenes shots from the various concerts I attend. Thanks so much for reading, I hope you will subscribe!  Please feel free to comment so that I don't feel like I'm talking to myself!!