Wednesday, February 5, 2014

February Slow Down and Josie Maran

It is looking to be a quiet month for me in terms of going to shows, so I will be focusing on getting some product reviews done instead.  Not that I really have any ready for you right now, lol.

At a recent gathering, I did get to try a fabulous sunscreen from the Josie Maran line: the 40 spf Moisturizer.  Of course, it's not currently available, as Josie tells me with a smile that it is being revamped.  I'm already a huge fan of her Whipped Argon Oil in Vanilla Apricot, so am anxious to try the new sunscreen when it is released.  It smelled heavenly, and absorbed beautifully with no greasy residue.  I hate how most sunscreens feel on my skin, so really loved how this one felt, and honestly, the scent was intoxicating.  I wanted to eat it, lol.  And, it kept my skin from burning after being out in the sun for several hours with only one application

I used the Whipped Argon Oil before my boudoir shoot last year (and again this year!) after every shower for about a month so that my skin would be well hydrated in the photos.  (Yeah, dry patchy skin does not look so great in sexy photos, imagine that.)  The scent is a bit stronger than the sunscreen, has a bit of a sharper quality, but I still like it.  It also absorbs beautifully, and leaves your skin feeling supple and luscious.  Unfortunately, Kenny has now discovered it, so my stash is rapidly depleting. 

There are numerous other products in her line that I'm interested in trying soon.  I know that Josie is passionate about the quality and sustainability of the ingredients she uses in her products, which just makes me even more interested in using them, as I am also trying to live a more green lifestyle.

Do you have a favorite JM product?  I would love to hear about your experiences with the line.


  1. I love her hydrating lipstick. It's more of a tint, but gives me some color if I'm in a hurry. The whipped vanilla apricot cream smells so good. I like that it isn't greasy. I tried the make up remover wipes but didn't care for them.

    1. I didn't care for the Bare wipes either -- they irritated my eyes. I will have to check out the lipsticks -- I prefer sheer lipsticks over matte ones