Monday, August 11, 2014

I wish I was better at posting, lol

Wow -- where has the summer gone??  It has been crazy busy for me, between putting in 14 hour days for about 6 weeks prepping for a convention I sell at in July, and then going to loads of shows with Kenny and stuff with the girls.

When I started this blog, I initially planned on making it more fashion/makeup oriented, but have realized that it gets too hectic to take pics before the show, especially if I want to take a pic of myself, lol.  Getting pictures of Kenny during the show, no problem; a fully ready shot of myself before the show, never happens.  So I will just go with it and post whatever seems relevant in the moment.

The kids are starting school again, as of today, and two are off to college in the upcoming weeks, so I hope to do better at posting.  Kenny and I will be going on a trip to the Philippines for a couple of weeks in October, and I hope to post regularly during that trip -- although the show schedule is pretty intense.  Really looking forward to visiting this beautiful country.

So where have we been lately, and what fun have we had??  Let's see. A few weeks back we were at the Mission San Juan Capistrano and then this past weekend we were at Pala Casino with the amazing band, The Long Run.  These guys always put on a great show, and the turnout was fantastic.  I was super happy that some friends of mine made it out and got to see Kenny perform for the first time!!  Because I had friends there, I opted not to take pictures during the show, except for a couple I snagged from my seat -- wouldn't you know it that I got a few of the best concert pics I've ever taken??!!  These are unaltered (ie, not enhanced via Photoshop) other than the addition of a watermark

This Saturday, we will be back at the Mission for a performance by Kenny's Chicago Experience band -- really looking forward to that one, as the Mission is such a beautiful venue.  Tickets are sold out, and there isn't even a seat for me, so I will be taking loads of pictures.  The week after that, The Long Run will be at the Canyon Club in Calabasas, where I will also be snapping away with the camera.

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