Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Little Show History

Since I don't plan on this being a makeup only blog, here is a little bit of show history that inspired me to rediscover my grown up self.

A couple years back, Kenny created his own show based on the music of the band Chicago, since this is music dear to his heart, as well as a band with which he has a long history.  I love supporting his dreams, and truly believe he is meant to be a performer, so I'm pretty dedicated to attending as many shows as I can.  It's been an interesting transition for me, the stay-at-home mom, volunteer at school, Girl Scout co-leader.  I certainly feel a certain pressure to look good, which is challenging on a small budget, with quite a few years since I've paid much attention to which shade of eyeshadow I was wearing.  Man, where did all those wrinkles come from?  And why are my eyelids so much lower??!!

 Back to the show history, so to speak.  Kenny has been playing in a lot of different venues.  Casinos, clubs, and performing arts centers.  One of my "jobs" before a show is to hang around and wait, lol.  The show work starts long before the actual show.  Often there is a long drive, but always there is equipment set up, sound check, and if possible a pre-concert meal of some sort.  There have been many times when I have done my makeup in the car, which I don't recommend!  Depends on the venue.  If it's semi-local (that is to say 1-2 hours from where we live) then I'm most likely getting ready on the fly somewhere.  I don't like to intrude on the dressing room, because that's for the guys.  Every once in a while there is a separate dressing room for Kenny, which I love 'cuz then I can horn in on it, lol.  If it's an out of town gig, then we have a hotel room and I can really go crazy getting all dolled up.  It's a form of entertainment for me -- keeps me busy while Kenny is sound checking, and it's kind of relaxing.

 At Casino Arizona, March 2013

Last January, Kenny also started performing with The Long Run, doing the Don Henley vocals for this Eagles tribute band.  Now I am a huge fan of the Eagles music, so I was pretty happy about this, not to mention that like Kenny's own band, this is a great group of guys.  Between all of the Chicago Experience shows, and The Long Run shows, there are a lot of opportunities for me to dress up.  To add some frosting flowers to the cake, several of the guys perform in other bands, and we take the odd chance to go see them as well.  It's really a whole new life for me.

At the Talking Stick, AZ in June 2013

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