Wednesday, January 22, 2014

IMATS Sigma and NYX

One booth I hadn't planned specifically on visiting was Sigma -- and it had a crazy long line, so I'm still not sure why I decided to get in the line, other than it's one of those companies that doesn't sell locally (in fact, they pretty much just sell online -- there are a few retail stores that carry them, but they are few and far between). 

I really don't like ordering a product I've never tried before online.  I mean really, who wants to pay shipping for something that you have no idea whether you will be happy with it in a general sense?  If it's a company you have other products from that you love, then that's a bit different -- but a company that you've never, ever even laid eyes on an actual product?  I'm not so inclined to spend that extra money.  For kicks I checked shipping on a $9 eyeliner -- the cheapest option was $6.35 -- that's coming close to doubling the price of that eyeliner, which means I hit the back button and don't buy online.  And if I'm trying a company for the first time, I don't order oodles of stuff so no free shipping for spending over a certain amount.  This is not to say that I have any reason to doubt the quality of Sigma -- I've heard consistently good things about the line, so I actually did want to try it.  I think that is why I got in that crazy long line.  It went along the wall from one end of the booth all they way down past about 4, maybe 5 more booths, then out into the lobby and down towards the door leading outside (this is where we got in line) and then right after we got in line, it went outside and started snaking along out there.  Never looked to see how bad it got. 

A very cool thing Sigma did was have big shopping bags you could grab, and inside was a free travel size E25 blending brush, a sample card with 10 eyeshadows, and a sample card with 2 quad brow samples.  Nice!  Actually the only freebie I got at IMATS.  There was also a brochure detailing all the products that were available in the booth, with regular and show pricing.  So while waiting in line, chatting with other attendees, we got to do a little "shopping".  I did have my daughter stay in line, while I went up to the back side of the booth where they had actual product laid out for swatching.  Also while waiting in line, as we got closer to the actual booth, we could see TiffanyD taking pics with fans in a little meet and greet they had set up. She looked fantastic, and just seemed super nice and friendly.

I ended up selecting two cream shadow bases (not primers -- you use them over primer and they help your shadow pop more, as well as last a bit longer, at least they do on my eyes) and a blush.  I got Persuade (a nude) and Pose (bronzy brown color) in the shadow bases, and Serene in the blush, which is a brick color with pink tones.  I was not able to get really accurate shots of the colors, even with post-editing tweaks.  The Pose color is the closest to looking like the actual product, which is just a bit more shimmery in hand.  I have used everything at least twice this week, and I'm really pleased with the cream bases.  I don't have oily lids, so my experience will be more relevant to those that have similar skin type.  The base gave better stick to my eyeshadows, and also the shadow looked great all day.  I had no creasing whatsoever.  I used the same shadow yesterday without the base, and it actually didn't last as long, so definitely happy with the base. 

Persuade -- less pink, leans more pale brown in hand. 


Persuade is completely nude on my skin, and creates a nice canvas on my lids, completely covering any red or blue tones in my skin.  Pose could actually be worn alone in a pinch, a very flattering color on me.  Application is smooth, and the product is very light weight.  I've had problems with other bases I've tried (especially NYX) looking cakey or unflattering due to my aging skin.  The Sigma bases work beautifully without any unattractive effect  - better even than the one MAC Paint Pot I have (Vintage Selection -- gorgeous color).  A word on packaging.  Hmmmm.  It looks really cool -- sort of futuristic and artsy.  But for a person who travels, and wants to fit a fair amount of stuff in a small bag, I hate the extra large size of the jar.  The actual amount of product is quite small for the size of the container.  This is not a complaint on how much product there is -- it's a standard amount comparable to other brands, the large container is just a waste of my limited space, both in my makeup drawer and in my suitcase.  I do like the little extra interior cap to help keep it from drying out.  We will see if it works.

 Serene: more brown-tones in person

The blush is nice.  It's a bit more orangy-brown than I thought at the show -- but it looks good on me, and a little bit goes a long way.  Blends well and is a matte product.  I'm not one to go on and on about blush -- it's an after thought product for me.  Maybe someday I will find the blush that sparks a vivid response.

I have not tried any of the free sample products other than the E25 brush, which I love.  Makes me wish I had grabbed an extra bag, but I was good and only took my fair share so that others had a chance to get one as well.  It was very tempting though, lol.

I didn't get much at NYX, mostly because it's not a favored brand for me.  I like some of their products, like the Jumbo eyeshadow pencils, so I grabbed two of those  - one in gold and one in black for a look I want to try.  I also grabbed a sharpener, since I don't have one for the jumbo pencils.  They actually had a very large booth, with loads of product displayed.  I would have spent more time looking, since it was a lot of product that would certainly not be available to me at home, but I was really sticking to my list, and in order to not go over budget, it was better to just not look. 

Have you ever tried Sigma?  I would love to hear your thoughts on what you do and do not like in the line.  How about NYX?  What's your go to NYX product??


  1. I have yet to try any Sigma products. I have heard their brushes are great! even better than MAC. I have held off because I discovered Real Techniques brushes which are cheaper but work great for me!!! I don't care much for the NYX products I've tried. Every time I go to ULTA or Target, the displays are ransacked! I just don't want to order online like you and find I hate the product:( I've been on a cream shadow kick lately. Either using as a base or one shadow look. Love the colors you got!!! I always go for neutrals! I'm a little picky about blushes. I have my favorites. Right now I'm loving Tarte blushes and Benefit Rockatuer blush. Nars orgasm blush used to be my go to every single day blush, then I tried Tarte and the Rockateur and hardly use the Nars. Milani has some good blushes too!

    1. I have to admit, I really didn't even look at their brushes while there, because I had already gottten the Bdellium ones, and was pretty adamant about sticking to my list. I do love the E25 freebie I got, so next time I may try a brush or two. There are certain kinds of brushes that I like having duplicates of so that I can use one for the lighter color, one for the darker color, etc. If you like cream shadow bases, then you should give these a try sometime, especially if there is a sale or free shipping. The MSRP is $13, but at the show they were $9.10 As a base, I like them much better than the Maybelline Color Tattoos, which are too frosted for me to use all over the lid. The shimmer in Pose is really low-key when applied. NYX -- yes, same problem here, the display is always a disaster. People rip the testers off, presumably to put in their pockets. I do kind of wish I had spent more time at least looking at their product, but then I might have bought something else, lol. I love the Benefit blushes -- Rockatuer and the other one that is really popular, Hoola? But, I hate the packaging. Again, goes back to the travel thing. If I ever see it in a travel size, I'll snag it. I have a mini Nars Orgasm that I got for free when I ordered my Fairy Kiss palette. It's a bit too orange for me, although I like it on more than I expected. They have other colors I would rather try, but it's so pricey, I haven't gone there yet. They released a cheek palette recently -- It has 3 products -- a bronzer, blush and highlighter, which is a great little package except I don't need another Orgasm blush, and that's the one they put in the palette. I haven't tried Tarte yet.