Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My Day At IMATS LA 2014

Wow -- what an awesome day at my first IMATS!! I was pretty bummed that my girlfriend was not able to go at the last minute, but she graciously gave her ticket to one of my daughters. Kaylie and I got up at 5 am to get on the road early and get in line. When we arrived at 7, there was already a very long line, but believe me, not as long as later in the morning!! Here is a pic of the beautiful sunrise on our way into Pasadena, and the entry to the convention when we got there.

Once inside, we went straight to the Inglot booth, and I filled out the form for the eyeshadows I wanted, as well as a lipstick I saw that I thought would be a great color for me. I selected two 5 pan palettes, as well as a  palette duo (for my "white" and "black" shadows) and a selection of additional pans to use in the palettes when I go out of town. I want the option of a small palette that I can customize for my wardrobe on any given trip, a primary reason for investing in Inglot. Great quality, fantastic pricing and a huge selection. Can't beat that! The staff at the booth was also really friendly, and moving fast to help everyone.

 Bdellium Tools was next, but unfortunately they didn't bring the Pro Series travel set that I wanted. They did have a small travel set in the Green Bamboo line, as well as the individual Green Bamboo travel brushes, so I selected a few to make my own set. Very excited to try them! The staff here was also extremely helpful and friendly.

Velour Lashes got squeezed in as well -- sort of blitz visit, as I already pretty much knew exactly what I was going to get. After this point, things are a bit of blur. There is so much to take in, and lots of people vying to look at product. We tried to go to the Naime booth, but the line was huge, and there wasn't anything particular there I was interested in. Also checked out the Makeup Geek booth -- sort of. That is to say I saw the very long line and opted not to get in it, as I only wanted to try one or two things. I'd rather mail order if I really need it, as it was only discounted a $1 or so per product. Which is still great if you're getting a bunch, but I had opted for Inglot this trip. Scattered thru out the exhibit hall are demos of theatrical/movie makeup, so took several pics of things we liked.




Eventually we decided to brave the Sigma line, which was quite long -- the longest booth line we did the whole day. I wasn't really even looking for any Sigma products, but since I've never tried them, can't buy them locally, and was curious, we did it. I ended up trying one of their blushes and cream base shadows. Also got to meet and get a picture with TiffanyD -- every bit as beautiful and sweet in person as she is on Youtube!

 We took a breather at the open forum "classes". It was heavenly to sit down. My feet were killing me by this point, and I was starving since I had yet to eat anything. The class in session was not a style that I had any interest or need for -- he was paining half her face white, and then putting odd bits of color here and there. I'm sure for those that are into movie makeup it was riveting, but it didn't help my skill set at all. We left after a bit, and when to Nigels Beauty Emporium where I snagged a Z-Palette after waiting in line a while. Price was right, so no complaints. After that, we just wandered a bit, and Kaylie got her makeup done at one of the beauty school booths. It was a strange color combo, so neither of us really liked it -- which was kind of a bummer because she was really excited to get it done. On our way out, I picked up a couple of Morphe brushes just to try out -- I chose ones that were $3 a pop, so worth giving the line a spin since I liked the texture and quality for the price point. I will do a "haul" post in a day or two with more specific info on what I chose, and the discounts, etc.

Before (done outside the venue while waiting to get in)

And after -- really not a great look for her. I think she did a better job herself, but, it was fun, and a great way to end our first trip to IMATS

It was a great day, and we are both looking forward to attending again next year.  We talked about getting a room next year, maybe with some friends, so that we can relax a bit more, and make it more of a weekend get-away.  Next up will be some Haul posts.  I'm going to separate them out by brand with a mini review for each, since I've been testing out most of the products already. Kenny is off to Arizona today for a series of shows, and when he returns next week, he will be doing a live broadcast on AXS TV's "The World's Greatest Tribute Bands" with The Long Run.  We are all excited about that, and this week I will be planning what to wear, maybe making myself a new top.  The show will be done on my birthday, and I have several friends coming out to the Whiskey where it is being filmed -- should be a fun night!!

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