Thursday, January 9, 2014

Birthday Mascara MUFE vs. CK

As previously posted, I received two mascaras as birthday gifts; one from Sephora and one from Ulta.  (And today I got an email from Smashbox -- guess what their birthday gift is this year?  Yup, mascara, lol.)

The Sephora gift includes two mini products: Make Up For Ever's Rouge Artist Natural N9 lipstick and Smoky Extravagant mascara.  Ulta is giving a full size CK One mascara in Black (800).  I will review the lipstick later, since I'm planning on wearing it on Saturday night.

When it comes to mascara, I have a couple things I do and don't like.  I hate excessive clumping, which seems to happen, at least on my lashes, with Benefit's BADgal Lash.  I also don't like mascaras that make your lashes look like spider legs.  I see that every now and then, some girl walking around with clumped, long lashes that look like a couple of spiders waving their legs.  I seriously don't get it.  I assume they are wearing product touted as super lengthening.  I've always been afraid to ask, for fear of letting slip how awful I think it looks. 

I do like mascara that applies smoothly, creates a full look without clumping, and generally makes my lashes look great for my face.  Oh, and I don't ever curl my lashes.  I tried it a few times when I was young, and always felt it was somewhat torturous.  I still think it can't possibly be the healthiest thing for your lashes, so I just skip it.  I do wear false lashes on occasion.  Mostly for night events when I want some extra pop.  I actually love them -- be daring and try them some time!

On to the review.  I applied the CK One mascara to my left upper eyelashes, and MUFE Smoky Extravagant to the right.  Both clumped a bit, but I used a spoolie to separate the lashes with no problem.  I noticed immediately that the MUFE one created a fuller, longer lash effect, and even made the lashes look a bit curled.  The CK One looked fine, but definitely not the oomph of the MUFE brand.  The applicators are quite different.  The CK One has a uniformly sized rubber applicator brush, and the MUFE has a tear dropped shaped brush with the narrow point at the tip.  I found MUFE applicator to be better at covering those hard to reach lashes at the outside corner of my eye. A second coat brought little change to the MUFE side, but did enhance the CK One side to a look fairly similar to the other side.

 MUFE on your left, CK One on your right (2 coats)

I showed Kenny and one of my daughters, and they both agreed that the right side looked better after two coats than the left side, so it's a clear victory for MUFE. It's also interesting to note that my eyelid on the right side droops more, so it's harder to make that side look good.  On a completely useless note, I do really like the CK One tube.  It has a cool, rubberized texture and rounded edges that are appealing. Unfortunately, that has no impact on the product functionality, lol.

Both products wore well, and I didn't have any trouble with flaking or smearing. I think I will reserve the MUFE mascara for shows and evenings out, and use the CK One for day use.  My current favorite mascara is Full Exposure by Smashbox, but it's not so much because it's amazing, and more because it applies well, doesn't clump or make my lashes feel gumped up.

**Disclaimer: I purchased, or received all review products as a gift with purchase or membership perk.  No products were sent to me by the manufacturer for review.


  1. I like the MUFE brush. I am not a fan of the rubber bristle brushes because they pull my eyes and it irritates. Lately, I have been using Jordana Best Lash Volume extreme. Works pretty good for a $2.99 product. I do have to run a spoolie brush through my lashes sometimes, because I sometimes get some clumping with it. I liked the Benefit they're real, that makes your lashes look voluminous and thick like you got false lashes on. I don't curl mine either. An extra step and I don't feel like it.

  2. I'm not a huge fan of the rubber bristle brushes either, but don't actually have any problems with them -- I think it's more of a preference for what I'm used to. I used the CK One the other day, and was pleased with it as a day formula -- but I noticed that the wand is super long -- like an inch longer than my other full size tube. It was a bit challenging to use. Not sure why I didn't notice the first time I tried it, but I guess I was really concentrating on how it looked! Thanks for commenting